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  • A new kind of car accessory from BMW

    BMW Center Console Arm Rest

    Normally, you can count on car companies to offer a more limited range of accessories than are available in the wider aftermarket.  They usually focus on high demand items like floor mats, cargo liners, wheels, and the occasional iPod integration cable.  This approach from BMW is refreshing, and one we have long advocated.  That car companies re-think some of the items they normally offer as standard (center rear armrest cupholder in this case) and offer the consumer options that are more expressive, functional, and easily added after the sale.  And, that lowers the base price of the car for folks who don't need it.  

    Brandmotion - Vehicle Accessories

    We love how BMW has designed this console/backpack to work in place of the deleted rear seat cupholders in the center armrest.  A trend?

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