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  • Exclusive Rear Vision Upgrade Ready for 2014 Silverado and Sierra

    Brandmotion introduces market-first OnStar-ready kit as popular truck debuts

    Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 31, 2013 – Brandmotion, producer of Authentic OEM safety and convenience packages for the aftermarket, pleased customers and end users when it introduced exclusive solutions for the 2013 Dodge Ram. Today, the company repeats the feat as it announces a first-to-market upgrade for the 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. The new kit, model number 9002-1010, allows truck buyers to experience the added safety of an enhanced rear view without the loss of factory features.

    9002-1010 OnStar-equipped replacement mirror 9002-1010 OnStar-equipped replacement mirror
    New tailgate handle assembly with 9002-1010 camera New tailgate handle assembly with 9002-1010 camera

    The 9002-1010 continues Brandmotion’s tradition of enhancing the safety features of the Silverado and Sierra, complementing the 9002-9503 and 9002-9504, which apply to 2007-2013 models. The new kit, which accommodates the redesigned tailgate bezel and handle assembly found on the 2014 version, applies to select trim packages. While rear vision comes standard on the LTZ, SLT and SLE versions, it is only optional on LT trim packages, and not available from the factory on 1WT, 2WT and Base models.

    The mirror in Brandmotion’s new kit replaces the factory OnStar-equipped mirror, retaining buttons and functionality while adding a 3.5-inch TFT color monitor that displays from behind the mirror surface when the truck is in reverse gear. Its factory-style harness plugs directly into the existing connectors, eliminating the need for cutting wires.

    In the rear of the truck, the tailgate bezel and handle are replaced with an identical assembly, save for the embedded Panasonic camera that provides an OEM-approved, wide-angle view to detect obstacles and assist in towing operations.

    “We are pleased to be the first to offer a rear vision solution to the aftermarket for the 2014 Silverado and Sierra,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion and former engineer at General Motors. “We feel they will sell extremely well, and having the ability to improve safety and convenience features after the purchase will make owning the popular trucks that much more fulfilling.”

    With an MSRP of $899.95, the 9002-1010 kit will be available this month to Brandmotion customers. Authorized dealers can access and download a sell sheet for the kit, as well as sales tools and information on many more Brandmotion products, by logging into the Brandmotion Dealer Central website at For more information, contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit Brandmotion’s website at, or follow Brandmotion on Facebook at

  • Become a HomeLink Dealer!

    HomeLink® has been a popular vehicle feature for over 15 years and millions of consumers have it on their vehicle from the factory, and enjoy its convenience and clean integration. Continue reading

  • Top 10 Cars for Infinity Mirror

    Most of the time, purchasers of our new Infinity mirror are buying it to obtain the latest version of HomeLink in their vehicles in an easy to install product. But sometimes, the sheer design elegance and “retro modern” look of the Infinity mirror is what motivates. Winner of the 2012 Automotive News PACE award, and named to hint at the edgeless glass design, the Infinity mirror from Brandmotion is unlike the common rear view mirror encased in black plastic. This authentic OEM rear view mirror has a contemporary frameless design with a precision cut floating glass edge that gives it an elegant jewel-like look. The Infinity mirror is available with HomeLink, auto dimming technology and an optional compass display. It’s also starting to show up in new vehicles such as the 2014 Corvette, 2014 Dodge Viper and Tesla Model S. We thought it would be fun to look at some cars on the market today that the Infinity would also look great in. Here’s our top 10. Which car would you add to the list?
    1. Ford Mustang - The Infinity mirror looks great in any sports car, but in the Mustang it looks amazing. Because the Infinity is 24% smaller than normal mirrors, the driver’s visibility is greatly increased out of the windshield. And, the Mustang’s main competitor, the Camaro, already has it.


     2. Scion FR-S - Both the FR-S’s sister car, the Subaru BR-Z and the FR-S in Japan have the Infinity mirror direct from factory. Automotive purists who want the Japan spec mirror can now have it, and it does look great in this popular small sports car.


     3. Jeep Wrangler - The reduction of size in the Infinity mirror makes the Wrangler’s small windshield a lot easier to see out of. Plus it looks surprisingly retro cool in a Jeep. This is also a great way to add HomeLink to your Wrangler since you can’t currently get it at the factory level.


    4. Toyota Prius - Ininfity provides a high tech compliment a high tech car. The Prius is one of the most commonly requested cars to add HomeLink to. In fact, by adding the Infinity mirror, you can add 3 features that the Prius doesn’t come with: HomeLink, compass and auto dimming mirror.


    5. Ford Fusion - The infinity mirror looks great in the brand new modern interior of the Fusion. Plus, if a Fusion owner wants HomeLink they would have to add the expensive moon roof package from Ford. But with the Infinity mirror you can add HomeLink to your new Fusion for far less.


    6. Cadillac ATS - Since Cadillac will be making this feature standard in the 2014 model, many 2013 model owners are going to want this featutre as well. Also, you cant get HomeLink on the 2.5L S or 2.0L Turbo trim levels and OnStar is no longer in the mirror so you don’t have to worry about losing that feature.


    7. Honda Civic - Another good example of a small car where the frameless Infinity mirror increases windshield visibility by 24% compared to conventional mirrors. Also, you can not get HomeLink in most trim levels.


    8. Hyundai Genesis Coupe - The Infinity mirror really compliments the small interior of the Genisis Coupe. Another example of it being a perfect look for sports cars.


    9. Nissan 370Z - The Infinity mirror looks right at home in this handsome sports car. And what sports car driver doesn’t want to see less mirror and more road?


    10. Volkswagen Golf - The 2014 Golf has a brand new design and the Infinity mirror strikes a dramatic pose against the modern instrument panel. Also it’s a perfect method for adding HomeLink in a Golf since it isn’t available from factory. For the same reasons, it looks just as great in a Jetta.

  • The 10 Most Surprising Vehicles You Won't Find HomeLink® On

    HomeLink is a simple but elegant convenience feature that allows you to wirelessly control your garage door, front gate, and turn on your home’s security system while eliminating the conventional and clumsy remote. Tens of millions have been sold since its debut in 1995 and HomeLink and its little house icon are familiar to millions of Americans. But surprisingly, HomeLink is available on only 1/3rd of new vehicles from the manufacturer. More surprisingly yet is that HomeLink is not offered, either standard or as an option, on many high volume vehicles. Here is a list of the 10 best-selling vehicles that do not offer HomeLink at the factory level. Is your car on the list?

    1. Ford Focus

    • World's best-selling car
    • Over 1M units sold worldwide 2012
    • #4 Ranked affordable small car
    Ford Focus

    2. Toyota Corolla

    • 2nd Most selling car
    • Over 800K units sold worldwide in 2012
    • Top IIHS Safety Pic Award
    Toyota Corolla

    3. Chevy Cruz

    • Over 237K units sold in 2012
    • 13th Highest selling vehicle in America
    • #5 Ranked affordable small Car
    Chevy Cruz

    4. Toyota RAV4

    • Over 171K units sold in 2012
    • 18th Highest selling vehicle in America
    •  IIHS Top Safety Pick Award
    Toyota RAV4

    5. Volkswagen Jetta

    • Over 170K units sold in 2012
    • 19th Highest selling vehicle in America
    • IIHS Top Safety Pic Award
    Volkswagen Jetta

    6. Nissan Rogue

    • Over 142K Units sold in 2012
    • 26th Highest selling vehicle in America
    Nissan Rogue

    7. Jeep Wrangler

    • Over 141K units sold in 2012
    • 27th Highest selling vehicle in America
    • Awarded Best Resale Value for Compact SUVs by KBB
    Jeep Wrangler

    8. Toyota Tacoma

    • Over 141K units sold in 2012
    • 29th Highest selling vehicle in America
    • Highest selling compact pickup
    Toyota Tacoma

    9. Nissan Sentra

    • Over 106K units sold in 2012
    • Named “Most Affordable Compact Sedan” by
    Nissan Sentra

    10. Chevrolet Sonic

    • Consumer Guide Automotive “Best Buy” award for subcompact cars
    • Over 80K Units sold in 2012
    • 5 Star overall rating from NHSTA
    Chevrolet Sonic
  • Toyota brand sheet

    Here's something that we have long been requested to do, a brand specific product sheet.  We started with Toyota.  It lists the key authentic OEM products we offer, in as simple a way as possible. It's aimed at the car dealer, for use with the consumer. Because 90% of our products are OEM approved, the dealer can offer authentic OEM accessories to their customers, perhaps even over the F&I desk.

    Here's the Toyota brand sheet.

  • 2 New Toyota Rear Vision Kits

    Brandmotion has recently launched two new Rear Vision kits for 2013 Toyota models equipped with 6.1 inch audio displays. You can read all about it in our most recent newsletter.

  • HomeLink® Display

    Here's a quick look at the new HomeLink® Display (part number: HLDIS). This display can be yours for free with an order of 3 HomeLink products.

  • Installation of Infinity Auto Dimming Mirror with HomeLink

    Check out our latest video! Installation of Infinity Auto Dimming Mirror with HomeLink (Part Number 9002-9703). Thanks, to Chris Harper from Autotronics!

    Does your organization install Brandmotion product? Have a smartphone? If so, please contact us about spotlighting your company with an installation video.

  • A New Escape... With a Twist

    The Ford Escape has long been a top-selling vehicle in America. In 2011, it outsold the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4, with sales of 250,000 vehicles. Last year, The 2013 Ford Escape was completely redesigned to positive reviews, and notched sales of over 260,000 units, second only in its class to the Honda CR-V. Even though the new 2013 design adds many advanced features, there are several content gaps that present great opportunities for the professional 12V installer.

    Backup cameras present a particularly rich opportunity. Within the four available trim levels (S, SE, SEL and Titanium), backup cameras are not standard on any one. A rear camera is only available in a $995 Parking Technology package offered on the SEL and Titanium levels. And, at the SEL level, you have to upgrade to a $1895 radio package to then have the opportunity to add the $995 Parking Technology Package. On the $30,765 Titanium level, the $995 Parking Technology package adds the camera.

    For the 12V Installer, adding a backup camera display mirror to the S and SE are relatively straight forward, using the vehicles standard windshield wedge mount and generous license plate overhang lip for camera placement. But the SEL and Titanium levels include a "twist" that we haven't seen previously from any manufacturer - a different rear view mirror mount between different vehicle trim levels.   The SEL and Titanium Escape's use a "twist-off" or "tri-lobe" mount. For these, you'll need a mirror that looks like the image below and is available from Brandmotion.

    Several other high consumer demand features are not available on the S or SE, which are estimated to make up 60% of Escape sales volume. Auto-dimming mirrors and the HomeLink universal garage door opener are only offered on the SEL and Titanium.

    Together, these three features present a significant profit and customer satisfaction opportunity on an important high selling vehicle for the professional 12V installer and new car dealer.

    Check out Brandmotion's detailed 2013 Escape Featured Vehicle guide.

  • Brandmotion Expands Authentic OEM Mirror Fit Applications

    New model fits a growing number of vehicles with twist-off mirror mounts.

    Ann Arbor, Michigan, December 5, 2012 – Brandmotion now lets owners of the 2013 Dodge Ram and other select vehicles twist their way to aftermarket personalization with Authentic OEM™ quality. The company announced the availability of its newest replacement rear vision mirror, designed with a special mount that fits the “twist and remove” tri-lobe fitting currently used on factory installed mirrors in these vehicles.

    The release of part No. 9002-9618, which features the company’s popular Slimline Rear Vision mirror, represents the first aftermarket solution for vehicles equipped with the twist-off mount, including the 2013 Dodge Ram, certain models of the new 2013 Ford Escape and Focus, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Dodge Ram and Journey.

    “Owners of these vehicles had no mirror replacement options, which means products like mirror-embedded rear-vision screens were not available to them,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. “Now they can have the safety of a rear-vision system without the cost of replacing the radio just to get a screen to show the camera view.”

    The OEM-original Slimline mirror sports a sleeker, more stylish look than most factory installed mirrors, with a large 3.5-inch color screen that turns on when the vehicle is put in reverse and disappears behind the mirror’s surface when not in use. The mirror is compatible with all standard (composite output) rear-view cameras.

    Retailers and expeditors can order the mirror as a standalone product (harnesses included) using part No. 9002-9618 for the twist-mount version, or the standard-mount version under part No. 9002-9608. Both are currently available. A complete kit featuring the twist-mount mirror and a recessed-lip OEM camera will ship December 12 under part No. 9002-8625.

    For more information, contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit Brandmotion’s website at, or follow Brandmotion on Facebook at

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