From high-tech rear view back-up cameras and curb sensors like Curb-Alert™ to Bluetooth hands free products, Brandmotion provides innovative features that satisfy your desire to make your ever-expanding car time more productive and safer. With Brandmotion vehicle accessories, you can improve the practical and aesthetic value of your car’s interior while enhancing your vehicle’s resale value.

Brandmotion is a nationally known developer and distributor of automotive products that meet and exceed the highest standards for performance and design integration to your vehicle. Brandmotion is your answer for high-tech custom accessories like rear view mirror backup cameras made specifically for vehicles like the Chevy Silverado, GM Tahoe, GM Yukon, GM Suburban, GMC Sierra, and Ford F150, F250, and F350 trucks. We also have a variety of other kits to improve the performance of your car including iPod and cell phone integration kits, an assortment of rear view mirror and camera accessories, and specialty Ford truck products like overhead rail modules. Whatever your vehicle’s custom needs may be, it's likely that Brandmotion has the solution for you.

Founded by a leader in automotive innovation with a passion for car interiors and vehicle personalization, Brandmotion aims to serve the “silent majority" -- those of us who don’t identify as "customizers" or “tuners.” At Brandmotion, we focus on people who simply want a way to get their automotive needs met. Keeping up with rapid changes in automotive technology is time consuming. Recent news reports indicate that optional accessories like rear view mirror cameras and hands-free devices for cell phones may be mandatory features in vehicles soon. So let Brandmotion do the work for you. We offer a hand-picked selection of quality products direct from the best suppliers at substantial savings. We’re constantly searching for practical solutions to real in-car needs that don’t compromise on design or performance. There’s no need to undercut the integrity of your car's interior with subpar, cookie-cutter products when you can own the solutions best suited to your vehicle. If you like what you see here, be sure to check in on occasion to see what’s new.

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