Curb-Alert PRO: A Slimmer and Smarter Successor

2nd-Gen Advanced Warning System Offers More Installation Options; Broader Vehicle Compatibility

Ann Arbor, Mich., November 1, 2011 –  Brandmotion, award-winning supplier of OEM-grade, integrated solutions for cars and trucks, announced that Curb-Alert PRO, the successor to the top-selling Curb-Alert, is available and shipping.

Curb-Alert PRO builds upon the innovative Curb-Alert advanced warning system. Like its predecessor, Curb-Alert PRO warns the driver as he or she nears an obstruction—such as a curb or parking block—which could scrape the front bumper or cause it to catch and result in significant damage when trying to back the vehicle up. A series of beeps alerts the driver, allowing the vehicle to stop at a safe distance from the obstruction.

“We showed Curb-Alert at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show last year and were swamped with inquiries,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. “Retailers and end users were impressed by its unique functionality and rock-solid, hassle-free operation. Our customers agreed that two trends in vehicle design – lower fascias for improved vehicle mileage and more integrated front-end designs for better looks – contribute to a growing front end damage problem that Curb Alert prevents”.

Curb Alert ProThe Curb-Alert PRO is designed for professional installation and is accompanied by a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. The weatherproof sensor, which mounts under a vehicle’s bumper or behind the grille, has been redesigned to be 50 percent smaller than the original, with more included brackets to fit a wider variety of vehicles and applications. Its connector to the internal module has also been strengthened for enhanced reliability and the module casing includes more mounting options to benefit installation technicians.

In addition to these enhancements, the power connections have been modified to enable the Curb-Alert PRO to turn and off with the vehicle’s ignition, eliminating potential issues with electronic charging systems on some newer and hybrid vehicles. Programming the Curb-Alert PRO has been made simpler as well with a one-time, two-step process that calibrates the system based on its mounting location and desired alert distance.

“We’ve received a lot of input from installing technicians, not only about how the product works, but about small issues that came up during the installation process,” continued Varick. “As a result we focused on improvements in both the hardware and software to make the installation more efficient.”

Curb-Alert PRO replaces the original Curb-Alert and carries an MSRP of $249.95. For more information, visit the Curb-Alert PRO page on Brandmotion’s Website at

8 thoughts on “Curb-Alert PRO: A Slimmer and Smarter Successor”

  • Al Terpak

    I would like to know if you are the manufacture of the product first? Second what pricing can be worked out for a group buy to our club members. The NSX Club of America has more than 2000 members nation-wide and I'm a club officer with the Sacramento chapter in California which has 50 local members. Our cars have a very low front air dam/facia and like Corvettes are easily damaged from those parking curbs. Please let me know more about your product, pricing, service and how we might be able to setup a direct buy discount code for our members if we can work something out in that area. Thanks for your time.


  • jvarick

    Al, thanks for your comment to our blog. I'll e-mail you directly so I can answer your questions. The NSX is definitely a car that will benefit from a Curb Alert PRO.

  • kerry

    Any installers in SoCal?

  • jdornbos

    We'll send you a contact name/number in a private message so you can work with a sales rep to find an installer. Thanks for writing!

  • Dennis

    Do you have an installer in the Phoenix AZ area?

  • jdornbos

    Please contact us at 734-619-1250 or by email at and someone would be happy to help find you an installer.

  • Steve Hartley

    I am interested in installing the Curb Alert on a 2014 Toyota Avalon Limited. Do you know of any installers in the Los Angeles/Orange county CA area. Thanks.

  • Scot Clemons

    Hi Steve,

    Yes we do have an installer in that area. If this location is not close enough to you, please email with the same request in zip code so that we can better assist you!

    > Find It All Auto & Home Stereo Center - (213) 487-7788

    Feel free to call us at (734) 619-1250 to speak with customer service as well.