Which automakers have embraced the wireless phone charging trend?

Yukon Wireless Charger The wireless charging system found in the 2015 GMC Yukon, seen at the North American International Auto Show.

When the North American International Auto Show comes to Detroit it becomes apparent why it’s called the Motor City. The event draws thousands of car enthusiasts and industry personnel to experience the upcoming cars for the year. This year was no exception. One of the most notable features being adopted is wireless phone charging. Gadget lovers will rejoice as they no longer have to worry about having a separate charging cable on hand, just set the phone down and go!

Cadillac-phonecharger-ft Cadillac's hidden charging system behind the display radio.

Cadillac and General Motors have embraced wireless charging by equipping a number of vehicles in their 2015 line up. Cadillac has the most vehicles with the feature of any automaker. Vehicle buyers can find the feature in the 2015 models of the Cadillac SRX, Escalade, CTS and ATS. You can see wireless charging shine in the stylish interiors of these high-end vehicles in the photo above.

Chevy and GM have also incorporated the technology into their 2015 Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon and Yukon Denali. Drivers will find the accessory conveniently located in the center console armrest so their phone will never be out of sight and definitely not out of reach. It's standard on the LTZ, or part of an optional $2,900 package on the LT. Brandmotion also offers the al la carte solution, part number FDMC-1273. For model years 2007-2014, use part number FDMC-1272.

toyota-main The 2015 Toyota Camry wireless phone charger found forward of the gearshift.

Toyota was one of the first automakers to incorporate wireless phone charging in their vehicles beginning with the 2014 Avalon and now the 2015 Camry and Prius. Buyers can get the charger standard on the Camry XLE trim level. The wireless charging option is not available on the LE, Hybrid LE, and SE. Brandmotion's al la carte solution will ship in February.

acc-4 The Jeep Cherokee's unique, ski boot-like phone charger.

For those looking for a vehicle with more utility and the convenience of wireless charging, the Jeep Cherokee may be the perfect fit. Located in the armrest, the wireless charging accessory feature is a ski boot-like clamp that secures the phone while driving.

14-07-06-lexus-nx-qui-wireless-charger The Lexus NX's wireless charging system, found inside the armrest.

Rounding out the list of automakers adopting wireless charging is high end car maker Lexus. The company has added the accessory to the available options for the 2015 Lexus NX. This futuristic looking car is a prime candidate for the gadget lover who wants the most up to date vehicle styling with all the latest technology.

Other OEM manufacturers will be jumping on this emerging technology in the coming years. Ford, Lincoln, Nissan and many others are rumored to have added wireless charging to 2016 vehicles. Maybe next years North American International Auto Show will have double, or triple the number of vehicles offered with the technology. We’ll be sure to fill you in on the newest cars to come equipped with this option.


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