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  • Brandmotion's Summer 2018 Interns

    As the Summer of 2018 comes to a close, we would like to acknowledge the great work our team has accomplished this summer, thanks to the help of our summer interns. This year's group of interns comprised of a diverse group of motivated individuals hailing from different parts of the state with various backgrounds.

    For this article, we asked each of our interns to fill out a short questionnaire on their experience here at Brandmotion:

    Ryan Shafer

    Ryan Shafer, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor '21
    • Title: Electrical Engineering Intern
    • School: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    • Major: Electrical Engineering
    • Graduation year: 2021
    • Hobbies/Interests: playing basketball, reading, boating, and watching sports
    • Career Goals: Start my own company


    What did you like the most about your internship? My favorite parts about my internship was the ability to serve in a variety of roles, seeing my work make a major impact on the company, and also the people that I worked with.

    What were your main projects for the Summer? My main projects for the summer included working on the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority Connected Vehicle Pilot and a product development plan. I carried out many tasks that utilized technical skills and project management skills.

    How does your experience as an intern at Brandmotion contribute to your career goals?

    Working at Brandmotion allowed me to serve in a variety of different roles and develop a vast array of both engineering and business skills. These skills will allow me to have an advantage going into my career as an engineer.

    Kevin Bouchard

    Kevin Bouchard, Eastern Michigan University '18
    • Title: Product Design Intern
    • School: Eastern Michigan University
    • Major: Product Design and Development
    • Graduation year: December 2018
    • Hobbies/Interests: Fishing, Video games, Marvel Movies, and Cars
    • Career Goals: To play a role in the world of automotive safety


    What did you like the most about your internship? The thing I enjoyed most about the internship was the nature of working for a smaller company. I had the chance to experience so many different activities. The culture around the office was more like a family compared to what you might see in a larger company.

    What were your main projects for the Summer? Developing our design process and moving the company to a new project management software was one of my major tasks. It gave me an opportunity to help streamline operations and play a role in how we go about completing projects in the future.

    How does your experience as an intern at Brandmotion contribute to your career goals?More than anything, this internship has given me a stronger drive towards developing useful skills so that I can play an even bigger role in developing products that will keep people safe on the road. 

    Harnet Estifanos Teklay

    Harnet Teklay, Lawrence Technological University '19


    • Title: Business Planning Intern
    • School: Lawrence Technological University
    • Major: MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Graduation Year: Dec 2018
    • Hobbies/Interests: Soccer/ Movies/ Traveling/ Helping People
    • Career Goals: To be a qualified professional Electrical Engineer

    What skills have you have you gained or further developed as a result of your internship?

    • Communicating with clients in a professional way.
    • Understand the concept of connected vehicle technology deeper.
    • Creating work plans or work proposals for a new projects.
    • Gain knowledge of physical vehicle equipments.

    What were your main projects for the summer? TU Automotive Detroit 2018, Connected Vehicle Business Tracking, and Connected Vehicle RFQ/RFI and Cost Estimation.

    How does your experience as an Intern at Brandmotion contribute to your career goals?My experience at Brandmotion has given me the opportunity to understand Connected Vehicle technology and Business development. For my future career goals, I believe I can work in tasks related to both Connected Vehicle and business development. I also believe it will help me one day start my own business.


    Dan Kendra

    Dan Kendra, Eastern Michigan University '19
    • Title: Marketing Intern
    • School: Eastern Michigan University
    • Major: Marketing
    • Graduation year: 2019
    • Hobbies/Interests: Oil painting, fishing, camping, backpacking, guitar, photography, softball, video games, watching sports, and reading
    • Career Goals: Marketing Manager / Director / Own a business


    What did you like the most about your internship? Every day I was presented with new challenges and was pushed to expand my marketing knowledge far beyond my education at EMU thus far. I was also given the opportunity to travel to an off-road Jeep festival where I was able to use my photography skills to capture some really great content for our social media. 

    What were your main projects for the Summer? My main project was to help grow the company's social media presence. After some research, I developed a strategy and plan for Brandmotion. With analytics and a few tweaks here and there, I was able to double the company's following on Social Media, increase web traffic derived from social media from 2% to 10%, and increase sales directly correlated with social media efforts.

    What skills have you gained or further developed as a result of your internship? I would definitely say that I have further developed my analytical skills by measuring and interpreting data to modify strategies and drive key decisions. I have also gained a greater understanding of the business environment and business / marketing processes. 

    Prathamesh More

    Prathamesh More, Western Michigan University '18
    • Title: Operations & Purchasing Intern
    • School: Western Michigan University
    • Major: Industrial Engineering
    • Graduation year: December 2018
    • Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, adventure sports, Football, chess and sometimes cooking.   
    • Career Goals: Operations, Continuous improvements or Manufacturing Engineer


    What did you like the most about your internship? A lot of new experiences and a challenging work environment, where I can undertake a number of projects and make each day a different and exciting one to work in. Along with this I got to work with amazing people which helped me learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge that I can apply in my career.

    What were your main projects for the Summer? My main projects included updating the process flows, updating the standard operating procedures, production scheduling and Inventory Management.

    How does your experience as an intern at Brandmotion contribute to your career goals?As an intern at Brandmotion, I got a chance to experience a professional environment where I got to learn and explore my ideas for practical implementation of the knowledge gained during my master’s degree, improving my time management skills and enabling me to set the foundation for my career as an Operations or Manufacturing Engineer.


    Brandmotion is dedicated to helping develop college students so that they have the skills necessary to attain their career goals. For more information on internships at Brandmotion, email careers@brandmotion.com or look for us at your school's career fair this fall!












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