Brandmotion Releases 3 Types of Factory Display Radio Interface Cameras

ford 4 inch with image Pictured is a MyFord 4" Display Radio. Traditionally, a difficult radio to integrate with, Brandmotion now has a solution for.

Here at Brandmotion, we have noticed a trend that more and more cars are coming with display radio systems instead of the traditional one-color radios. However, most cars do not come with a back up camera that connects into this screen, unless purchased with an expensive trim package. In 2015, we are launching a full line of vehicle specific Factory Display Radio Interface back up cameras. Pay for the safety you want and skip the features you can live without.

We’ve even tapped into factory radio displays that previously had no solution in the market. The 4” MyFord display now has a Brandmotion solution for virtually any Ford vehicle, including the F150. Also available are kits for GM/Chevy MyLink radios, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep UConnect radios, as well as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes factory display radios.

These cameras are designed to look factory and save you time and money on installation. Thanks to their in-line programming module, these kits require no need for dealer reflashing. Each kit comes with everything you need to complete the job. Brandmotion offers bundling options with a next-gen Panasonic OEM camera, or a Universal Snap-in CMOS Camera with parklines, or just the harness and programming module sold separately.

You’ll find the 3 types of interface kits offered through Brandmotion listed below:


1) Camera Interface Harness Kit:
For those that are looking to supply their own camera, we offer the vehicle harnessing and radio interface module by themselves. This is great for custom jobs and work with any camera with an RCA connector. The cameraless kits will feature a 9002-27xx part number.

8701camera angledsquare

2) OEM Camera Interface Kit:
When it needs to look factory, choose our OEM camera option. Included in this kit is all the components you’ll need to tie in to the factory screen, plus, our new Gen 7 Panasonic OEM Camera (part # 9002-8701). This camera sports a crisper and brighter image over the previous generations. When your customer demands the same quality they get from the factory, this is the camera for them. These bundled kits will feature a 9002-87xx part number.

7603 camera head

3) Parkline Camera Interface Kit:
If your customer is looking for parklines, our Universal Snap-in Camera (part # FLTW-7603) is the perfect option for them. Included in this kit is all the components you’ll need to tie in to the factory screen. The small lip-mount camera protrudes slightly near the vehicle’s trunk release and provides the driver with a parklined view of what’s behind them. These bundled kits will feature a 9002-77xx part number.

Please look at the latest app guide at: Rear Vision Application Guide. For current part numbers and compatibility questions email or call us at (734) 619-1250.


4 thoughts on “Brandmotion Releases 3 Types of Factory Display Radio Interface Cameras”

  • Ray

    I have a 2013 F-150 with 4" sync. I have read you have a rear camera system for this.

  • Scot Clemons

    Hi Ray,

    Yes we do have a kit that will work for that vehicle. The only stipulation is that you must verify the compatibility of the display with our radio harness. There is a code on the back of the radio that must be the same as one listed on the instructions. We'd be happy to send you that list, what email works best for you?

  • John McNeil

    Looking for a kit to interface a back up camera (NTSC) into my 2014 Ford F-150 which has a Sync 4" display (may be your P/N 9002-7753). I also understand I may need to verify compatibility of the display with your harness and will need that information also. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Scot Clemons

    Hi John,

    You are correct, that is our replacement tailgate handle camera for the F150, we also have the Ford oval with an integrated camera as well (9002-7754) In order to verify your display's compatibility, you'll need to remove the radio display in order to get the radio's code located on the back of the LCD monitor. Please send an email to requesting the MyFord 4" display's list of compatible radios. We'll be happy to send that to you!