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Take the stress out of your next adventure with better visibility provided by Brandmotion RV and Towing Safety Systems.

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You’re Only Seeing Half of the Picture

Gone are the days of trying to navigate a campsite or through heavy traffic with limited to zero visibility.  By implementing Brandmotion safety systems, you allow yourself to stop worrying about those pesky blindspots and get back to enjoying your next adventure.

Recommended Visibility Setups for Your Vehicle

The recommended protection for you, your loved ones, and your investments.
The Wireless HD Observation System offers complete visibility for your safety and peace of mind. Our system expands up to four total cameras that you can mix and match to your choosing, has a built in DVR, and has been engineered by our team for ease in both use and installation. All cameras offer a clear, high resolution feed at 1080p, and bring powerful performance in extreme conditions with an IP68 Waterproof Rating. Our cameras can be mounted on any trailer, with pre-wired trailer specific mounting brackets and a universal mounting bracket for those that are not prewired. The base unit, AHDS-7810v2, comes with a 7” high definition monitor and one high definition wireless camera to mount on the rear of your trailer. 

The Brandmotion Difference

Trucks & Towables

Transparent Trailer (TRNS) unobstructed visibility with or without a trailer

If you’re looking for a more OEM look and feel, meet our Transparent Trailer system.  A wired wide angle lens camera mounts to the rear of your vehicle for always-on visibility whether you are towing a trailer or not. A wireless trailer-mounted camera provides visibility of the road behind you while towing. The trailer camera can be mounted on any trailer with a universal mounting bracket, and is compatible with all pre-wired trailers. Seamlessly navigate between either camera views with just the click of a button.

Part Number: TRNS-2170

FullVUE Mirror Vision System

Looking to increase visibility while also adding DVR Recording capabilities?  Look no further than the industry leading FullVUE mirror.  This mirror seamlessly replaces your OEM mirror, giving you always on, live footage of what’s behind you.  With built-in touchscreen and DVR recording, record your adventures every step of the way.  Available in both universal and truck specific applications.

Universal FreedomCharge Wireless Phone Charger

Ditch the annoying cords and simplify your driving experience with our FreedomCharge wireless phone charger. Our system is designed to provide 3 times the charging area of a traditional wireless charger, and integrates seamlessly into your vehicle using available storage trays for a factory finish look and feel.

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