Installed Right the First Time with InstallPro

When you need reliable and consistent fleet installation, Brandmotion’s nationwide certified InstallPro technicians will get the job done right.

What Can Happen without an InstallPro?

We know how frustrating it is to work with technicians who don’t provide reliable, accurate, and high quality installation services.

Unreliable and inconsistent technicians

Are you tired of technicians showing up late, unprepared, or not at all? Do you get great talent sometimes, and poor talent at other times?

Equipment is not accurately installed

Do you have problems with the vehicle or technology operation after installation? Do the techs you use show a deep ability to troubleshoot issues during install, skillfully handling unforeseen challenges?

Technicians are unfamiliar with your technology

Underprepared techs can cause the installation process to greatly slow down, the product may not work as intended, and both vehicle and equipment can be damaged resulting in repair costs.

Little progress information during your install projects

Are you left in the dark about the progress of your installation projects? Wish you received thorough documentation and quality reports of each vehicle installation?

We Know What it Feels like to Invest in Excellent Technology That Makes Vehicles Better, Only to Have it Poorly Installed By the Wrong Fleet Installation Company.

The InstallPro Advantage

InstallPRO elevates the quality of your installation making it predictable, thorough, and keeps you informed throughout the entire process.

Competent, Reliable Technicians

InstallPRO technicians will show up on time, with the right qualifications for your job

Example Certifications:

  • Mobile Electronics Certified Professional
  • Vision Zero Automotive Network
  • Automotive Service Excellence
  • Emergency Vehicle Technician

Accurate Installations

InstallPRO techs will troubleshoot issues and thoroughly test the vehicle with your technology installed, prior to job completion

Service Types

  • Technology Installation services
  • Blind spot systems – camera and radar
  • Interior and exterior camera systems
  • CAD/AVL systems
  • Asset management vehicle tracking
  • Driver monitoring systems
  • Digital multiplex systems
  • Antenna systems interior and exterior

Vehicle Types

  • Light duty vehicles
  • Police and Fire equipment
  • Snow plows
  • City busses
  • Class 2-6 Delivery Vans
  • Class 8 Over-the-road freight trucks

Advanced Technical Capabilities

InstallPRO technicians are deeply skilled in vehicle electronics, CAN networks, and advanced technology.
  • ADAS
  • Automotive UX/HMI
  • Car to Cloud & V2X
  • CAN Networks
  • Over the Air (OTA) Updates
  • Self Driving Autonomy
  • Vehicle Calibration
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Dedicated Project Managers

InstallPRO Project Managers inform you frequently of progress and issues

Project Management Services

  • InstallPRO Project Managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP)
  • Installation guide development
  • Installation plan development
  • Wire harness layout and schematic reference documents
  • First article installations
  • Client vehicle logistics management and scheduling
  • Quality control and assurance documentation
  • Post installation client reports with images

Customer Testimonials

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We Equip Today’s Vehicles with Tomorrow’s Technology

InstrallPRO by Brandmotion was formed in 2016 as the installation services arm of Brandmotion LLC, a leading vehicle safety systems design and engineering company founded in Detroit in 2006.  Since then, Brandmotion has acquired a global reputation as the premier provider of OEM-level integration products and services based on emerging vehicle technology.   Brandmotion’s goal is to make existing vehicles on the road as safe as the newest vehicles in order to accelerate a much needed reduction in road deaths.  Our success in developing effective safety products motivated us to form InstallPRO to help install technologies that can help save lives.

How InstallPRO Works

Our process is designed to make sure your program to add emerging technology to your vehicles is flawless, predictable and fully successful. We pride ourselves on a step-by-step approach that leaves little to chance. 

3 Step InstallPro Process

Step 1. Assess Your Goals

Before we install anything, we’ll assess your technology and integration goals.

Step 2. Design Your Program

Based on your goals, we’ll design a plan for success including technician skill level, training, documentation, installation, support and service and repair approach.

Step 3. Install and Support

Our technicians show up on time, dressed properly, with tools and fully trained on your technology.

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Looking for Customized Products Tailored to Your Fleet?

With our in-house engineering and design team, we can tailor our systems, or develop new ones, to meet your individual needs.