Brandmotion Fleet Safety Systems Pay for Themselves

Maximize your bottomline by reducing collision downtime and increasing driver safety with the seamless, custom integration of a Brandmotion Fleet Safety System.

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Businesses rely on us as their trusted partner to equip their fleet with the technology to safeguard their drivers, improve operations, improve their bottom line, and increase overall profitability. Our proven system has made us the preferred partner for industry leaders.

Invest in Your People. Invest in Your Fleet. Invest in Your Bottom Line.

Safety for the Driver

Invest in your people by providing cutting edge technology to increase their situational awareness and overall peace of mind, improving your driver accountability and retention.

Safety for the Fleet

Safeguard your fleet’s bottom line by equipping your vehicles with technology to reduce unnecessary repair downtime from preventable collisions, and protect against insurance litigation.

Safety for Others

Brandmotion technology can alert drivers to the pedestrians and objects in their blindspots, preventing collisions and increasing road safety for all.


Safety for the Cargo

Protect your cargo assets with our observation systems, aiding you in your efforts of loss mitigation.

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$ (Remember to factor in your vehicle damage, downtime, lost revenue, etc.)
% (On average, Brandmotion safety systems reduce over 60% of incidents.)

Seamless Integration and Customization

Full Technology Portfolio

We offer an extensive line of fleet vehicle safety products, ranging from vision systems, blind spot monitoring, cameras, displays, sensors, collision avoidance technology, towing products, and more.

Customizable Solutions

Looking for customized products tailored to your fleet?  With our in-house engineering and design team, we can tailor our systems, or develop new ones, to meet your individual needs.

Get a Custom Fleet Evaluation

Get in touch with our team to discuss safety systems tailored to your fleet.


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    Commercial Fleet Vehicle Safety Product FAQs

    Most vehicles under 10,000 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) come standard with a backup camera.  However, this only provides visibility when in reverse.  Brandmotion solutions are always-on observation systems, providing visibility at all times to reduce blindspots.  With DVR included on most systems, you will secure visibility at all times and the recording footage in the unfortunate event of a collision for insurance purposes

    A backup camera only works while your vehicle is in reverse, whereas a rear view camera provides an always on, live stream feed free from obstructions.

    Begin your Brandmotion journey with our Custom Fleet Evaluation. The Brandmotion team will get in touch with you to discuss your fleet needs and provide a tailored solution.  We will coordinate with your installer of choice, or if desired, utilize our InstallPRO Nationwide Network to provide dedicated project management and a certified installation team. Fleet Evaluation 

    All Brandmotion systems come with a 2 year warranty. Register your products with our warranty form.

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    Over 100,000 Vehicles On the Road Trust Brandmotion Safety Systems