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Do You Have What it Takes to Be an InstallPro?

Be Part of a Mission to Save Lives

InstallPRO is often hired to install advanced safety technology, to help existing vehicles on the road have the same life-saving advantages as newer vehicles. Given the stakes in getting these technologies competently installed, we’re looking for the best installation technicians. We’re forming an elite force of technicians whose work can save lives. List of technology we install
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Advanced Driver Information Displays
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Technology (V2X)
  • CAN Data Tools
  • Over the Air (OTA) Updates
  • Self Driving Autonomy
  • Advanced Sensor Systems (Radar, Lidar, Ultrasonic))
  • Advanced Camera Monitoring Systems

Earn Valuable Certifications

InstallPRO Technicians bring – and have the ability to continue to earn- the most advanced qualifications available

  • MECP: Mobile Electronics Certified Professional
  • EVT: Emergency Vehicle Technician
  •  ASE: Automotive Service Excellence
  •  VZAN: Vision Zero Automotive Network

Learn to Install the Newest Technology

We work with the most advanced automotive technology companies in the world. From large Tier One automotive suppliers to emerging technology companies seeking to prove the benefits of advanced technology in large scale fleet deployments.

Are You Qualified?

3-5 years of experience with installations and various vehicle technology, and comfortable with vehicle electronic & mechanical diagnosis

Ability to: install or repair electronic equipment in motor vehicles; identify and validate specific signals required for a new vehicle technology; identify in-vehicle connection points; connect aftermarket vehicle technology

Comfortable disassembling, identifying mounting locations, installing complex technology, and restoring vehicle back to previous condition

Review guides, or technology manufacturer technical documents required for an installation, identify steps to install, diagnose issues, and perform routine maintenance and service of new devices for installation.


What It’s Like to Be an InstallPRO

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With our in-house engineering and design team, we can tailor our systems, or develop new ones, to meet your individual needs.