Curb Alert™ Puts the Brakes on Parking Disasters


Sports car owners love the low ride, the hug of the road, the connection to the pavement. What they don’t love is parking. Parking often means pulling up, getting out, checking curb distance, jumping back in, pulling up a bit more, and getting out again to check. It dampens the driving experience that a luxury or sports car should give. The worst sound a sports car or luxury car owner can hear is the CRUNCH of a front bumper against an unseen curb or parking block. Front end damage on sports and luxury cars can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. Brandmotion can deliver problem-free parking that lives up to the driving experience.

Problem-free Parking

Brandmotion’s Curb Alert™ Parking System can protect drivers from ever crunching or scraping their front bumpers while parking. Curb Alert is an infrared parking sensor that alerts drivers of low-lying obstructions that can cause costly damage to the vehicle. The system senses curbs, parking blocks, and any low-lying object on the ground that you can’t see. The device gives an audible alert when you approach an object within range. Sensitivity can be adjusted from as little as 12 inches to a maximum of 30 inches. Curb Alert simply hooks into power and ground. Depending on the model, it actuates a camera or audible alert when you approach an object.

Better Than Factory Sensors

Curb Alert is a patented system that no other parking sensor can match. The devices that come closest to it are the factory-installed ultrasonic parking sensors. While factory sensors can detect objects, the comparison ends there. Curb Alert can tell the difference between a wall, a parking block, and someone standing in front of the car. An ultrasonic sensor is triggered by any object that’s two feet away, no matter the size or height. Factory sensors aren’t foolproof, either. If a parking block is low enough, an ultrasonic sensor may not pick it up. Curb Alert can be set to an exact distance and a specific height to match the car’s ground clearance.

Easy Installation

When we designed Curb Alert, it had to be quick and easy to install. All it takes is connecting to power and ground, and mounting the sensor. The simple, no-drill application includes bracket designs for a customized fit. When it’s time to purchase a new vehicle, Curb Alert can be easily removed and transferred, leaving no marks on the original car. Curb Alert truly integrates to an OEM level — just set it and forget it!

Seamless Integration

Brandmotion products are known for seamless integration with the vehicle, and Curb Alert is no exception. The only part of the product you can see is the discreetly placed front sensor, which can be mounted either on top or under the lower part of the valence of the front bumper. The calibration box and speaker are tucked under the dash, out of sight and out of the way.

Seven Products to Fit Your Needs

Brandmotion currently offers seven Curb Alert products in the series:

  • 3 universal devices that are compatible with any vehicle
  • 2 Corvette-specific devices
  • 2 Mustang-specific devices

More products are currently in development.


The Curb Alert PRO is designed for professional installers. The high-end, simplified wiring goes off keyed power, rather than constant power. There’s absolutely no power going to it when the vehicle is off, which means customers won’t run into any electrical issues or unwanted power draw. It also means you don’t have to worry about comebacks.


The Curb Alert Parkview PRO is a modified CA5 system with a front camera — and is the first and only auto-trigger front camera parking aid system. When the device senses an object, it turns on a front camera and provides a quick three-beep audible alert.


This DIY-grade system is simple enough to be installed by a customer. Based on the CA5, the system connects to battery power rather than key-on power. The smart control module detects when the vehicle is shut off to prevent drain on the battery. This device has the same quality as the CA5, but it comes with one additional benefit: unlike the CA5/CA6, you can calibrate the parking sensor without the vehicle being on.


The CA8 and CA9 are specific to the 2015-2020 Mustang. Each comes with a video interface to the factory 4-inch or 8-inch screen.


The CA12 is specific for C5/C6 Corvettes and the CA14 is designed for C7 Corvettes. The audible-only sensor comes with specific instructions on how and where to install the system on the C5/C6/C7 Corvettes — sensor, power wirings, and how to run them.

Quit Fretting About Parking

Having Curb Alert is like owning an affordable insurance policy on your luxury or sports car’s front end – on most newer vehicles, the parking sensor pays for itself the first time it saves your bumper. Once you have the system, it’s hard to drive the vehicle without it, because it’s so convenient. Order Curb Alert at Crutchfield or Amazon, or find an installer near you.

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