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Brandmotion Unveils New Website

Novi, MI – June 5, 2024 – Brandmotion, a leading supplier of vehicle safety solutions, proudly announces the launch of its newly redesigned website. This significant update represents a pivotal shift in the company’s focus, now tailored specifically towards RV consumers and work truck fleets, reflecting the changing demographics of its audience over the past five years.

The redesign, which began in the fall of 2023, is part of Brandmotion’s commitment to continuously adapt its outreach and services to meet and exceed the evolving needs of its customers. “We want our customers to have the best possible online experience that reflects who Brandmotion is today, not who we were five years ago,” stated Brandon Bahr, Head of Sales and Marketing at Brandmotion.

Key features of the new website include:

  • Dedicated Pages for RV and Fleet Customers: Separate sections on the site ensure that information is relevant and easily accessible, directly addressing the needs of each customer group. 

  • Enhanced Product Filtering: The ‘Shop Products’ page now includes specialized categories and an advanced filtering feature, allowing users to narrow down their search based on specific criteria such as vehicle type, system type, and more, ensuring a more efficient shopping experience.

  • Dynamic Product Recommendations: As users browse through product offerings, they receive suggestions for products that best meet their needs, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive Product Support: The revamped ‘Product Support’ page provides FAQs, spare parts searches, and installation instructions for active and retired products, offering extensive support to both dealers and end-users.

In a strategic move to streamline operations and enhance customer service, Brandmotion has partnered with Crutchfield for website order fulfillment. “Our collaboration with Crutchfield has already shown a positive impact since the website’s soft launch in the spring, with a noticeable increase in orders,” added Bahr. Purchases made will include additional customer support from the Crutchfield team.

The new ‘Become a Dealer’ page is another addition aimed at expanding Brandmotion’s dealer network and to offer support to current dealers. It includes vital information, outlines the support provided by the Brandmotion team, and an easy connection form for prospective dealers. Additionally, it showcases Brandmotion’s key distributors, including Crutchfield, Keystone Automotive, Arrow Distributing Inc., NTP Stag, Land and Sea, Meyer Distributing, and more.

Fleet managers can now get in touch with the Brandmotion team easier than ever thanks to the fleet page. Those looking for customized solutions for their fleet can easily begin the process with the inquiry form. Additionally, they can utilize the newly released Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator to get an estimate of their potential long term savings with the implementation of safety technology. These tools streamline the process for fleet managers to obtain safety solutions tailored to their fleets.

Since its initial soft launch, the Brandmotion team has dedicated time to refining the website, guided by customer feedback. Bahr emphasizes that the project will continually evolve. “As we learn more from our customers and as industry needs change, we will constantly make enhancements. Our project will never truly be complete,” he said.

Brandmotion is excited to welcome customers, both old and new, to explore the enhanced features and streamlined experience of their new website, marking a new chapter in the company’s history of innovative solutions and customer-focused service.

About Brandmotion:

Based in Novi, Michigan, Brandmotion is an industry leader in vehicle technology solutions, specializing in products that improve safety, reduce collisions, and enhance the driving experience for a broad range of vehicles. Brandmotion is committed to offering cutting-edge technologies and outstanding customer support.

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