Upgrade Your RV Visibility

OCTOBER 25, 2023 // Elizabeth Breneiser

As the leaves change and the fall weather rolls in, it’s time to winterize your recreational vehicle (RV) in preparation for the colder months ahead. While you’re inspecting your tanks, batteries, and water lines, take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your RV’s visibility for the adventures to come. RVs, among the largest consumer vehicles on the road, often lack the safety features found in typical passenger vehicles, making visibility a significant concern. Brandmotion’s AHDS-7810v2 Wireless HD Observation System brings clarity to your long-haul road trips, whether you’re backing up in tight campsites, fueling up in crowded places, or anywhere you may travel. The AHDS-7810v2 consists of a monitor and a camera, and is ideal for regaining the views you’d typically have with a rearview mirror. This live streaming camera provides a crucial perspective at all times while operating your vehicle, not just when in reverse. Unlike some competitor products with 480p camera resolution, Brandmotion’s camera offers a stunning 1080p resolution, providing much clearer views. For expanded visibility, consider adding the full 78’ Series to your trailer. The AHDS-7811v2 Wireless HD Observation Camera offers a secondary perspective for your trailer. This is great for monitoring precious cargo while on the road or obtaining an additional perspective from your trailer. The AHDS-7812 Wireless HD Side Marker Light Cameras provide visibility of the sides of your trailer. With turn signal activation, your blind spots will be significantly reduced, providing drivers peace of mind while on the road. With many screen options, you may view anywhere from one to four cameras at once for optimal visibility during your travels or while on-site. With a quick installation time, along with installation guides and user manuals, the installation process is a breeze. Have a question during the install process? Assistance is available via the Brandmotion Technical Support line during workdays and regular Eastern Time business hours, or you may fill out a Technical Support request form. Check out our product pages for more information on product specifications and installation materials. Take the stress out of your next adventure, and enjoy the road ahead!

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