Brandmotion Expands Its Digital FullVUE® Mirror Lineup to Add Ford Bronco

NOVI, MICH., SEPT 6, 2021

The newly reintroduced Ford Bronco is already taking the SUV market by storm, and industry-leading developer of automotive safety technology, Brandmotion, has just unveiled its ground-breaking live-stream FullVUE® Rear Camera Mirror. Specifically designed for the Bronco, the FullVUE® Digital Rear Camera Mirror increases driver vision by up three times while offering 170-degree side-to-side visibility, completely removing blind spots.Visibility is essential in helping to maximize vehicle safety, and being able to see your surroundings allows drivers to react faster, helping to reduce collisions and minimize injury. Brandmotion is an innovative, well-known developer and integrator of retrofit automotive safety technology, providing drivers with industry-leading technology designed to enhance safety and transform the overall driving experience.

Now, the award-winning brand is helping to upgrade the all-new Ford Bronco SUV. Reintroduced for 2021, the new Ford Bronco offers the same durability and reliability as the legendary original, allowing drivers to discover a new world, from woodland trails and mountain ranges to scenic shores.

With the Ford Bronco offering such versatility, maximizing on and off-road driver visibility is crucial. That is why Brandmotion has launched its ground-breaking FullVUE® Rear Camera Mirror. Specifically designed for the 2021 Bronco, FullVUE® completely replaces the original rearview mirror with a high-definition video screen, increasing visibility by up to three times compared to a traditional mirror. This High Definition rear camera mirror helps to completely eliminate obstructions caused by the spare tire, passengers, or cargo, ensuring drivers always enjoy completely clear vision behind them. The seamless FullVUE® Rear Camera Mirror enhances the view behind, providing a crisp and unbeatable image.Alongside providing unrivaled views behind the vehicle, the Brandmotion cameras and mirror takes safety to the next level by delivering 170-degree side-to-side visibility. Offering complete blindspot coverage on either side of the Ford Bronco, the Brandmotion FullVUE® Rear Camera Mirror ensures the driver is always aware of their surroundings.

“We felt an urgency to bring our FullVUE mirror to the new Bronco as quickly as possible because it has the same visibility challenges that the Jeep Wrangler has with the rear-mounted spare tire. We’ve solved the same issue for Wrangler buyers for years and given them great rear visibility without having to remove the iconic spare tire”, said Frank.

To help take those off-road adventures to the next level, the FullVUE® Rear Camera Mirror also offers an integrated forward-facing trail camera. Featuring a two-channel DVR system, the digital mirror is able to record their adventures, allowing drivers to re-live those fantastic memories. A built-in shock sensor maximizes security by automatically recording any sudden impacts to the vehicle with the footage being instantly captured on the 32GB SD card (included), with an optional 128GB storage also available.Because it completely replaces the OEM rearview mirror, the Brandmotion solution is very easy to install either at home or by a professional. The sleek and stylish finish requires no suction cups and ensures there are no exposed wires or additional monitors.

To ensure the most premium product on the market, the Brandmotion FullVUE® Rear camera Mirror offers full touchscreen ability, providing quick and easy adjustments as required. The screen also features anti-glare tempered glass, while the bright 800 Lux display provides great visibility no matter the conditions outside. The mirror also has automatic brightness adjustment, adapting to the changing lighting throughout the day.

“We are excited to introduce our class-exclusive FullVUE® Mirror and Camera system into the popular new Ford Bronco line-up. We believe that all customers deserve access to the latest safety features.”

— Lucas Frank, President of Brandmotion


More than simply a backup camera, Brandmotion’s live-streaming digital FullVUE Mirror replaces the existing mirror to provide 3 times larger viewing area than a traditional mirror.

The FullVUE® camera is integrated into the spare tire carrier.

About Brandmotion Since 2005, Brandmotion has been working continuously to reduce the number of lives lost on our roads due to traffic accidents. Specializing in the design, integration, and distribution of emerging automotive safety technology, Brandmotion is a recognized leader among aftermarket installers of mobile electronics. The company was awarded 2020 SEMA Best New Performance Product Finalist Award, 2018 SEMA Best of Show Award, 2018 SEMA Best New Van/Pickup/Sport Utility Product Award, 2016 SEMA PRO Manufacturer of the Year honors at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

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