Deep Vehicle Retrofit Capabilities for SmartCities and Emerging Vehicle Technologies


For years, Brandmotion has provided vehicle integration services for emerging connected vehicle and emerging vehicle technologies. What started as several discrete projects has quickly grown into a robust branch of our organization. So, to provide SmartCities and Tier-1 companies the full support and resources they need to succeed, we’re launching its own platform. Brandmotion is excited to announce the new website for our subsidiary company, Brandmotion Solutions.

What Is Brandmotion Solutions?

Launched in 2014, Brandmotion Solutions is our vehicle integration services company. At the time, The University of Michigan’s MCity had just started running experiments in the emerging world of connected vehicle technology. It was the first site in the country to do a large-scale experiment. They used 2800 vehicles from the public to test how well it works to have one car talking to another car with dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) technology. MCity believed that using DSRC on the roads could save 80 percent of the 40,000 lives we lose each year. It’s a grand vision, like a moonshot. This piqued our attention, because we’re in the business of integrating retrofit safety technology to save lives on the road. But if the vision were to be realized in the near future, it would require outfitting cars that are already on the road. If you only install DSRC in new cars, it would take forever to implement. Brandmotion Solutions is on a mission to integrate these emerging technologies in vehicles that are on the road today. So far, we’ve helped 14 cities around the country to integrate emerging connected vehicle technologies, in projects that have ranged from a ten-vehicle study to a 2,000-vehicle initiative. At the same time, we’re helping safety technology providers, from established Tier 1 OEM suppliers, to emerging startups, integrate their new safety solutions into vehicles of all sizes across the country.

Why Choose Brandmotion Solutions

There’s a difference between installation and integration. Brandmotion Solutions doesn’t simply install a technology — we architect, design, build, and install emerging technology solutions. We can talk about vehicle integration at a deep level of expertise and insight, because we came out of the auto industry. Our knowledge of vehicle electrical systems and seamless physical integration techniques is unmatched. Our mission is to be the premiere vehicle integrator of emerging technology. That encompasses more than SmartCity integrations — we’re also helping Tier-1 and technology companies to showcase their emerging vehicle technologies. Brandmotion Solutions is the go-to provider for anyone who wants to retrofit new technologies into existing vehicles — whether it’s demonstrating a couple vehicles or a large-scale pilot with thousands of vehicles. Need more reasons to work with Brandmotion Solutions?

  • Our in-house documentation team creates in-depth and repeatable installation procedures for all of our clients.
  • WIN Network — Our own nationwide network of installer partners that lets us scale on-demand, no matter where your project is located.
  • Workforce development training and “train the trainer” programs are available to cities and organizations that need to perform vehicle integration themselves.

What to Expect from Brandmotion Solutions

It can be challenging to take on a vehicle integration project, especially when you start to scale. You may not even know where to start. Consider this website your go-to resource to break it all down and understand the different phases of a connected vehicle or emerging vehicle project. You’ll learn how to begin, and what to look for in an integration services provider. We’ll showcase products that help integrate, provide educational articles, and keep you up-to-date on our exclusive offerings. Since 2014, we have received enthusiastic response from SmartCities and companies who appreciate our deep automotive experience and knowledge. Our partnership is designed to add clear value to the clients who are working to deploy lifesaving vehicle technology. We’re excited about sharing this expertise with you, and hope you’ll come back to this site often. Subscribe to the blog and connect with us with any questions — we’re here to serve everyone working hard to make our roads and communities safer.

Start optimizing your vehicle project. 

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