You Could Sell Your Automotive Technology for More


It’s the big day. You’re showcasing your latest automotive safety technology to a major auto manufacturer and your team is buzzing with anticipation. You’ve spent months developing this new technology, and you got it out ahead of the competition. Your component is more durable, more reliable, and more customizable than the other guys’. But it’s the other guys’ product that gets bought. What happened? The day of the demonstration, you set your new technology prototype on a table. Everything was on display — not just the dashboard component, but the wires and cables and signal box, like electrical spaghetti.  Your competitors, on the other hand, showcased their technology as a seamlessly integrated and functional component in a demonstration vehicle. The manufacturer sat in the driver’s seat and saw what the device would look like for their customers. They drove the car and saw the component in action. They admired the finished quality of the technology and loved how well it fit in a factory model.

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How OEM Integration Can Boost Your Concept Vehicle Demonstrations In short, the competition took all the guesswork out of the equation and delivered a fully functional, gorgeous prototype that looked and felt like a production part.

You’re Losing Money Every Time You Make a Sale

I get the conundrum — it’s one thing to design and produce a working prototype, but it’s a whole other ballgame to figure out how to integrate it into a production vehicle and make it look seamless, as if it came out of the factory. That kind of effort takes time and resources you just don’t have. Besides, a demo vehicle is kind of overkill for the type of part you’re demonstrating. Right? But every time you demonstrate a component that isn’t seamlessly integrated into a vehicle, you’re stacking the deck against yourself and making several gambles. 

  1. You’re betting that the manufacturer won’t be influenced by the mess of exposed wiring. 
  2. You’re betting that they can imagine accurately and clearly how the component will look and feel when it’s integrated into their production line.
  3. You’re betting that if 1 and 2 don’t pan out, it still won’t affect the sale price.
  4. You’re betting that someone else won’t demonstrate their own version of the technology in a fully integrated demonstration vehicle.

After all the months of research, development, and dedication of resources, do you really want to make those gambles? Even if you sell your automotive technology, you’re leaving money on the table, simply because you’ve shown them a messy looking prototype. Every time you make a sale, you’re losing money. It doesn’t matter what the technology is — a side mirror, an electronic safety component, or a small box that will never be seen — you need a fully integrated demonstration vehicle to show it off in. But what if you don’t have the skill set or expertise to incorporate all of the equipment you’ve engineered into a vehicle and make it presentable to an OEM customer? That’s where Brandmotion Solutions comes in.

Why Brandmotion Solutions?

When you’re introducing cutting-edge automotive technology, it has to perform flawlessly and look like an OEM component. You can’t afford design errors or sloppy integration. It’s not just the sale that’s on the line — it’s your reputation. Brandmotion Solutions is the concept development specialist that offers end-to-end services to demonstrate your new ADAS or connected vehicle technology. We’ll lead every step of the process — from creative design to deployment. When our customers take their demonstration vehicles to Warren or Ann Arbor and show them to the engineering teams at OEM manufacturers, the customers get to sit in a vehicle with the equipment already fully installed and integrated. They’re experiencing the demonstration technology the same way that car buyers will experience it. The integration is so seamless that it takes a knowledgeable eye to spot the differences.  As a result, our customers’ demonstrations have the same refined look and feel that car buyers will experience when they take a test drive at the dealership. That’s the kind of encounter you can provide to OEMs. Tier one suppliers trust us to make their innovative technology look native to the vehicle. We’ve gained a reputation for delivering the highest quality vehicle integration customizations.  No matter what the project, we’ll get the job done. Our engineers and technicians came out of the auto manufacturing industry, and they know how to make any integration work. We’re also fast — we can integrate a typical demonstration technology in a couple weeks instead of a couple months. OEM suppliers rely on Brandmotion Solutions, because they’ve given demonstrations without us before. They’ve seen the results that a Brandmotion Solutions demonstration vehicle integration delivers. And that’s why they keep coming back to us, time and time again. 

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

In today’s world of realistic computer-generated images and video, there’s still a critical need for a physical proof-of-concept product in action. You can present wonderfully rendered representations of your product as it might appear in a vehicle, but until it’s actually integrated in the car, OEMs will still have questions. A Brandmotion Solutions vehicle integration answers those questions. Don’t leave money on the table, and don’t risk losing a sale to your competitors. Get your next automotive technology demonstration seamlessly integrated into a demonstration vehicle.

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