These UTV Cameras Let You See the Trail in a Whole New Way


If there’s anything four-wheeler riders hate to do, it’s stop. But sometimes, the trail demands it. You need a spotter, or you can’t see what’s up ahead. You have to know where your tires are going if you don’t want to take the wrong line on the trail. Brandmotion’s SummitView™ Camera System gives you the visibility you need to keep going — whether forward or backing up.

See the Trail, Hit the Trail

Brandmotion has released the latest in its popular SummitView™ series of off-road camera systems. The SUTV-2010 and SUTV-2020 products come with a bright, high-definition 7-inch monitor and camera system so you can see more from behind the wheel. Say good-bye to the days of constantly getting out to check the ground! It’s very difficult to see to the side or behind a UTV. And because many side-by-sides don’t even come with mirrors, that means you have a 180-degree blindspot when you’re hitting the trails or tearing it up on the dunes. You’re constantly riding on faith. You should always feel confident when you’re driving with your friends and family, whether going forward or in reverse. The SUTV-2010 is a single-camera high-definition rear vision system that makes backing up a breeze. Infrared technology gives you sharp nighttime vision so you can keep playing well after the sun goes down. Want front and rear visibility? Go with the SUTV-2020 dual-camera option, so you can see the ride ahead without a trail spotter. It’s an ideal solution for heavy-duty rock crawlers and boggers that need to see multiple approach angles. The SUTV-2020 system also features a dual-channel DVR. Relive your adventures with your friends long after you’ve pressure-washed your rig. “There’s a lot of times I can’t see anything in front of me, and if I’m climbing, it’s just the sky. And these cameras make a whole new world wake up,” said Brandmotion customer David Ipharr. “I feel so much safer with these cameras, knowing I can see the ground now! That is so important to me. It means everything.”

Best-in-class and Easy to Use

The SummitView System easily mounts to any off-road vehicle. The 7″ LCD display monitor offers a rugged roll cage bracket that can fit any standard roll cage tubing. It also comes with a standard bracket that can be mounted to the window or dash. Brandmotion’s SummitView UTV Camera System was named runner-up for Best New Powersports Product at the SEMA360 online trade event in 2020. It was selected from more than 2,200 products in the New Products Showcase — a lineup that represented the most innovative and cutting-edge automotive aftermarket products that will become available in 2021. When you aren’t worried about what’s on the other side of a hill, four-wheeling is a lot more fun. Check out the SummitView cameras now.

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