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  • Freedom Charge by Brandmotion Brings Custom Fit Wireless Charging to the Aftermarket

    Integrated application makes new charging technology hassle-free
    LAS VEGAS, November 5, 2013 (SDG MEDIAWIRE) – Wireless charging is a new technology that has slowly begun gaining steam with popular wireless devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia 920. However, most options require yet another “loose” device—a charging plate—to plug into the cigarette lighter and slide around the vehicle interior. Today, Brandmotion is introducing a fully integrated solution for select vehicles in its Freedom Charge line.

    “We are extremely excited to introduce Freedom Charge here at SEMA,” said Brandmotion President Jeff Varick, referring to the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s annual show in Las Vegas. “We’ve invested a lot of time and research into making sure the product we introduce is going to better the driving experience rather than clutter it with plug-in devices. And for owners of a growing list of new vehicles, that experience is now available.”

    Freedom Charge System Freedom Charge enables wireless in-vehicle charging in an integrated, clutter-free system.

    Freedom Charge is a line of custom fit, wireless charging systems based on the Qi inductive power standard used by wireless device makers. Each consists of a vehicle-specific charging plate that is cut to integrate into an existing center console or storage tray, depending on the vehicle make and model, and molded to secure most phones. The charging module is hard-wired into the vehicle’s electrical system during professional installation, resulting in a natural-looking installation that blends with the vehicle.

    Currently, three versions cover the late-model Ford Fusion (part No. 6000-1020), Toyota Camry (part No. 6000-1030) and Dodge Ram (part No. 6000-1040), and are compatible with more than 50 wireless phone models. All are available for demonstration at the Brandmotion booth, No. 11773, in the North Hall during SEMA.

    For more information, contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit or follow Brandmotion on Facebook at

  • Brandmotion Welcomes Kelly Majlinger as Company Opens New Headquarters

    New account manager to support sales force, enhance customer communication

    SOUTHFIELD, MICH. – October 23, 2013 – Premier aftermarket supplier Brandmotion announced it has hired Kelly Majlinger as account manager. The appointment enables the Michigan-based provider of Authentic OEM™ devices to improve its customer support efforts as the company acclimates to its new, larger corporate headquarters.

    Majlinger has more than 20 years of experience in business-to-business marketing and has excelled in the development of new sales channels. In her new role, Majlinger will work directly with field representatives to create customized marketing programs for retail and commercial customers, and to deliver educational resources to better inform resellers and technicians on the features and installation specifics of Brandmotion products.

    Kelly Majlinger, newly appointed account manager at Brandmotion Kelly Majlinger, newly appointed account manager at Brandmotion

    “I am very happy to be part of such a dynamic and innovative team,” said Majlinger. “With roots in the OEM space, Brandmotion is a company that focuses on quality and reliability first in everything it sells. My extensive experience in building and implementing solid support programs will hopefully help the company better its already high standards.”

    Majlinger will work from the company’s new headquarters, located in Southfield. Acquired and designed with room for growth, the 10,000-square-foot facility effectively doubles the company’s space and consolidates all of Brandmotion's services under a single roof.

    “We got to the point where our ability to service our customers was hindered by our space,” said Brandmotion President Jeff Varick. “Prior to the move we had different operations in different locations, which made many aspects of our business inefficient. The move centers all of our resources on taking care of our customers by reliably delivering products and support.”

    Kelly Majlinger can be reached at Brandmotion’s new headquarters is located at 21518 Bridge Street, Southfield, Michigan 48033. Phone numbers remain unchanged. For more information, contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit or follow Brandmotion on Facebook at

  • Brandmotion Brings Quality to Off-Roaders with Eklips

    Innovative sun visors combine versatility and toughness for multiple environments

    SOUTHFIELD, MICH., October 21, 2013 – Brandmotion, Michigan-based supplier and manufacturer of Authentic OEM™ products and solutions for the automotive aftermarket, has added another practical yet stylish vehicle enhancement to its product line. With the introduction of Eklips, enthusiast-engineered side window visors designed for the Jeep Wrangler, the company has extended its applications for the vehicle beyond the confines of paved surfaces.

    Eklips visors solve the problem of insufficient sun protection from standard visors, which must be flipped to the side to block glare through the driver and passenger window areas. “First of all, front visors don’t do an effective job on these areas because they are not big enough,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. “And second, if you’re off-road and constantly changing directions on open spaces or on a trail, you don’t want to keep flipping the visor back and forth.”

    When not in use, the Eklips visor folds upward and follows the contour of the side roll bar. When not in use, the Eklips visor folds upward and follows the contour of the side roll bar.
    The Eklips side window visor effectively protects against glare. It attaches easily with Velcro straps and can fit around the optional grab handle. The Eklips side window visor effectively protects against glare. It attaches easily with Velcro straps and can fit around the optional grab handle.

    Eklips visors attach to the roll bar on any Jeep Wrangler built from 1987 to the present. The innovative design allows the visor to flip down into a rigid position for maximum glare protection. When not needed, the visor flips up and molds to the contour of the roll bar, unobtrusive and ready for re-use. Eklips visors are also designed to fit around roll bar handles.

    Externally, Eklips visors feature lightweight, durable fabric that is treated to stand up to the elements and resist sun fade. Each is secured in place using Velcro® straps, which allow for simple removal and adjustment. The fabric encases a flexible, stainless steel construction that prevents rust and ensures superior performance year after year.

    Each Eklips visor carries a factory-match warranty. The visors are available and shipping in singles (Part No. 2000-4301; MSRP $59.95) or in sets of two (Part No. 2000-4302; MSRP $109.95).

    Authorized dealers can access and download a sell sheet for Eklips visors, as well as sales tools and information on many more Brandmotion products, by logging into the Brandmotion Dealer Central website at For more information, contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit or follow Brandmotion on Facebook at


  • Jeff Varick, president, joins SEMA PRO Select Committee

    Congratulations to Jeff Varick, president, on joining the SEMA PRO Select Committee. Read all about it here:

    Select Committee Members Share Their Vision and Passion for PRO and the Industry

    SEMA PRO meeting

  • Federal Recommendations

    We like to follow industry related news at Brandmotion. Just last week, CE Outlook published an article, "New Backup Camera Action Taken by Fed". The big question we had was: Will the government mandate vehicle manufactures to include backup camera systems in new vehicles? The short of it: No. " will recommend that new cars include backup camera systems but it fell short of making the cameras mandatory." Read the article to find out all the details.

    Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 8.42.59 AM

  • New F-Series Kit Simplifies Installation, Enhances Safety

    Rear Vision upgrade retains factory features without retaining old parts

    Ann Arbor, Michigan, August 8, 2013 – What if, in order to get a new smartphone to work, you had to glue part of your old phone to the back of the new one? That is essentially the process of replacing the factory mirror with a Rear Vision-enabled version on 2009-2013 Ford F-Series trucks that are equipped with a compass display: Part of the old mirror must be kept connected and relocated under the dash to retain functionality of the compass.

    1008-9528 mirror with Rear Vision actvitated 1008-9528 mirror with Rear Vision actvitated
    CCD camera inside extruded Ford Oval assembly CCD camera inside extruded Ford Oval assembly

    Today, Brandmotion announced it has solved the problem on newer Ford F-Series models. Designed for 2011 to current trucks with a compass and 16-pin mirror connector, the new F-Series Kit (Part No. 1008-9528) completely replaces the factory mirror, requiring no retention of old components, resulting in a clean, trouble-free installation.

    “This is an issue that has made upgrading the factory mirror on the F-Series an unpopular task among professional installation technicians,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. “With our new all-in-one design, we’ve been able to incorporate all of the parts of the old mirror into our new version, providing a vital safety and convenience feature while retaining key factory functions.”

    The 1008-9528 features an Authentic OEM™ mirror with an inbuilt 3.5-inch color monitor to show an ample view behind the truck, helping the driver avoid obstacles or attach to and monitor towed vehicles. The display disappears behind the mirror’s surface when not in use. Inside, it contains a gyroscope that performs directional duties, enabling all factory features to operate normally.

    The kit also includes the popular Ford Oval camera, which replaces the emblem on the truck’s tailgate with an extruded version that incorporates a high-quality, CCD-embedded camera. It also displays colored gridlines on the mirror’s screen to assist with parking.

    The 1008-9528 kit carries an MSRP of $899.95 and is currently available. Authorized dealers can access and download a sell sheet for the 1008-9528, as well as sales tools and information on many more Brandmotion products, by logging into the Brandmotion Dealer Central website at For more information, contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit Brandmotion’s website at, or follow Brandmotion on Facebook at

  • Brandmotion Introduces 5 Rear Vision Packages to Tackle New Models

    Kits include application-specific mirrors with premium Authentic OEM™ camera

    Ann Arbor, Michigan, August 5, 2013 – Brandmotion, leading supplier of Authentic OEM™ rear vision systems to the aftermarket, has announced it is adding a new series of rear vision packages to its full line of vehicle safety systems. The 8500 series consists of five new models to fit newer vehicles, with one model designed for vehicles equipped with the tri-lobe mirror mount, such as the 2013 Ford Escape and Dodge Journey.

    Lip-mount camera with newly designed base Lip-mount camera with newly designed base
    9002-8523 kit for GM vehicles 9002-8523 kit for GM vehicles

    The 8500 series incorporates the OEM-validated Panasonic recessed-lip camera, which offers a wide-angled view behind the vehicle. Installed on many new cars and trucks during production, the camera utilizes Charge Coupled Device (CCD) technology to provide superior illumination, white balance and sharpness. The camera mounts to an included base that has been re-engineered to minimize drilling during installation while providing a factory installed look and finish.

    Each Brandmotion kit includes the necessary wiring harnesses and accessories to ensure a professional installation, along with a replacement mirror featuring a 3.5-inch TFT color display that turns on when the vehicle is put into reverse gear and disappears behind the mirror surface while driving. The mirrors all feature auto dimming technology to protect the driver from night blindness due to approaching high-beam lights and each fits different applications to bring new safety features to the driving experience:

    • The 9002-8524 and 9002-8521 ($587.95 MSRP) provide a direct replacement for most standard mirrors. The 9002-8521 is compatible with vehicles that include auto-dimming side mirrors, and will dim in concert when connected.
    • The 9002-8522 ($649.95 MSRP) and 9002-8523 ($699 MSRP) replace OnStar-equipped mirrors in vehicles equipped with 16-pin and 10-pin mirror connectors, respectively.
    • The 9002-8525 ($629.95 MSRP) features an exclusive Slimline design that is specially built to fit the tri-lobe mirror mount found on a select number of vehicles including the 2013 Ford Escape and Dodge Journey.

    “Every year we research new vehicle makes and models to determine which might be missing those all-important safety features, and we figure out how to build price-competitive solutions that integrate seamlessly,” said Brandmotion President Jeff Varick. “In addition, we align our company with quality installation centers to ensure that the end user experiences our products as if they came with the vehicle from the factory floor.”

    Authorized dealers can access and download a sell sheet on the 8500 series, as well as sales tools and information on many more Brandmotion products, by logging into the Brandmotion Dealer Central website at For more information, contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit Brandmotion’s website at, or follow Brandmotion on Facebook at

  • Exclusive Rear Vision Upgrade Ready for 2014 Silverado and Sierra

    Brandmotion introduces market-first OnStar-ready kit as popular truck debuts

    Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 31, 2013 – Brandmotion, producer of Authentic OEM safety and convenience packages for the aftermarket, pleased customers and end users when it introduced exclusive solutions for the 2013 Dodge Ram. Today, the company repeats the feat as it announces a first-to-market upgrade for the 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. The new kit, model number 9002-1010, allows truck buyers to experience the added safety of an enhanced rear view without the loss of factory features.

    9002-1010 OnStar-equipped replacement mirror 9002-1010 OnStar-equipped replacement mirror
    New tailgate handle assembly with 9002-1010 camera New tailgate handle assembly with 9002-1010 camera

    The 9002-1010 continues Brandmotion’s tradition of enhancing the safety features of the Silverado and Sierra, complementing the 9002-9503 and 9002-9504, which apply to 2007-2013 models. The new kit, which accommodates the redesigned tailgate bezel and handle assembly found on the 2014 version, applies to select trim packages. While rear vision comes standard on the LTZ, SLT and SLE versions, it is only optional on LT trim packages, and not available from the factory on 1WT, 2WT and Base models.

    The mirror in Brandmotion’s new kit replaces the factory OnStar-equipped mirror, retaining buttons and functionality while adding a 3.5-inch TFT color monitor that displays from behind the mirror surface when the truck is in reverse gear. Its factory-style harness plugs directly into the existing connectors, eliminating the need for cutting wires.

    In the rear of the truck, the tailgate bezel and handle are replaced with an identical assembly, save for the embedded Panasonic camera that provides an OEM-approved, wide-angle view to detect obstacles and assist in towing operations.

    “We are pleased to be the first to offer a rear vision solution to the aftermarket for the 2014 Silverado and Sierra,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion and former engineer at General Motors. “We feel they will sell extremely well, and having the ability to improve safety and convenience features after the purchase will make owning the popular trucks that much more fulfilling.”

    With an MSRP of $899.95, the 9002-1010 kit will be available this month to Brandmotion customers. Authorized dealers can access and download a sell sheet for the kit, as well as sales tools and information on many more Brandmotion products, by logging into the Brandmotion Dealer Central website at For more information, contact Brandmotion at (734) 619-1250, visit Brandmotion’s website at, or follow Brandmotion on Facebook at

  • Become a HomeLink Dealer!

    HomeLink® has been a popular vehicle feature for over 15 years and millions of consumers have it on their vehicle from the factory, and enjoy its convenience and clean integration. Continue reading

  • Top 10 Cars for Infinity Mirror

    Most of the time, purchasers of our new Infinity mirror are buying it to obtain the latest version of HomeLink in their vehicles in an easy to install product. But sometimes, the sheer design elegance and “retro modern” look of the Infinity mirror is what motivates. Winner of the 2012 Automotive News PACE award, and named to hint at the edgeless glass design, the Infinity mirror from Brandmotion is unlike the common rear view mirror encased in black plastic. This authentic OEM rear view mirror has a contemporary frameless design with a precision cut floating glass edge that gives it an elegant jewel-like look. The Infinity mirror is available with HomeLink, auto dimming technology and an optional compass display. It’s also starting to show up in new vehicles such as the 2014 Corvette, 2014 Dodge Viper and Tesla Model S. We thought it would be fun to look at some cars on the market today that the Infinity would also look great in. Here’s our top 10. Which car would you add to the list?
    1. Ford Mustang - The Infinity mirror looks great in any sports car, but in the Mustang it looks amazing. Because the Infinity is 24% smaller than normal mirrors, the driver’s visibility is greatly increased out of the windshield. And, the Mustang’s main competitor, the Camaro, already has it.


     2. Scion FR-S - Both the FR-S’s sister car, the Subaru BR-Z and the FR-S in Japan have the Infinity mirror direct from factory. Automotive purists who want the Japan spec mirror can now have it, and it does look great in this popular small sports car.


     3. Jeep Wrangler - The reduction of size in the Infinity mirror makes the Wrangler’s small windshield a lot easier to see out of. Plus it looks surprisingly retro cool in a Jeep. This is also a great way to add HomeLink to your Wrangler since you can’t currently get it at the factory level.


    4. Toyota Prius - Ininfity provides a high tech compliment a high tech car. The Prius is one of the most commonly requested cars to add HomeLink to. In fact, by adding the Infinity mirror, you can add 3 features that the Prius doesn’t come with: HomeLink, compass and auto dimming mirror.


    5. Ford Fusion - The infinity mirror looks great in the brand new modern interior of the Fusion. Plus, if a Fusion owner wants HomeLink they would have to add the expensive moon roof package from Ford. But with the Infinity mirror you can add HomeLink to your new Fusion for far less.


    6. Cadillac ATS - Since Cadillac will be making this feature standard in the 2014 model, many 2013 model owners are going to want this featutre as well. Also, you cant get HomeLink on the 2.5L S or 2.0L Turbo trim levels and OnStar is no longer in the mirror so you don’t have to worry about losing that feature.


    7. Honda Civic - Another good example of a small car where the frameless Infinity mirror increases windshield visibility by 24% compared to conventional mirrors. Also, you can not get HomeLink in most trim levels.


    8. Hyundai Genesis Coupe - The Infinity mirror really compliments the small interior of the Genisis Coupe. Another example of it being a perfect look for sports cars.


    9. Nissan 370Z - The Infinity mirror looks right at home in this handsome sports car. And what sports car driver doesn’t want to see less mirror and more road?


    10. Volkswagen Golf - The 2014 Golf has a brand new design and the Infinity mirror strikes a dramatic pose against the modern instrument panel. Also it’s a perfect method for adding HomeLink in a Golf since it isn’t available from factory. For the same reasons, it looks just as great in a Jetta.

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